Friday, September 6, 2013

Family II


Please protect my sweetie as she travels this weekend and next week. Bless her time with little Joslin, Jon and Jen; and may she be a huge blessing to them while Jen is expecting. I also ask that You would bless and protect their new baby due any minute now. May he grow up knowing You, loving You, living for You, and always wanting more of You. 
Thank You for this opportunity for travel, LORD; thank You for making the tickets affordable and for covering the work schedule. Thank You for our children and grand-children. 

Please fill the hearts of all people in the world with Your peace, hope, love, and goodness. Forgive us for being so selfish so often. Heal us, as a global community; guide us so that we would strive for peace first and foremost, above all, at whatever cost.

Thank You, and we love You too.


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