Monday, September 23, 2013

T is for Thanksgiving

Father of Mercies~
This morning I am thankful for a new day, new week, new beginnings, new life, new time of year, newness in Christ!
Thank You for Your Spirit in me, for the peace that passes understanding, for wisdom for every circumstance.
Thank You for my beautiful wife, and all that we've shared together.
Thank You for family and friends, and for their prayers throughout the years
Thank You for Your Word.
Thank You for Your Church.
Thank You for the Via de Cristo movement, and the way You touch people through it.
Thank You for my job, and the people I've met through it.
Thank You for this time of year, with the fall color and temps.
Thank You for our Tigers, who are still playing meaningful baseball games.
Thank You for the talents and abilities You've given me.
Thank You for Your love, mercy, forgiveness; and for Your amazing grace.



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