Thursday, September 5, 2013


I have a younger brother who lives outside of Champaign, IL. His name is Gary. He runs a kinesiotherapy clinic in Champaign ( and does personal training. He has competed in triathlons and I think he is currently house-sitting for some clients of his who are out of the country.
He married a gal with two beautiful children several years ago; her former spouse had abandoned his family and he had no contact with the kids. Gary has been a father to those two children as if they were his own, and also produced another son with his wife. He has since split up with his wife but he continues to father his three kids.
I love him dearly and I have such fond memories of us laughing, praying, crying together.
He is busy (aren't we all?!?) and we don't communicate like we used to, even though we are both technologically literate. I miss his company, his sense of humour, even his venting about his poor fantasy football choices.

I give our relationship to God, and know that He grieves when there is broken-ness even more than any of us could.

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