Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday!!

Sunny and 56 degrees on this summer/fall morning!!! Low lazy cumulus clouds drifting through the blue blue sky... Football time! Cool nights, the smell of wood fire in the air, folks wearing sleeves and pants, ... is that one of many adults I hear warning Ralphie that he'll shoot his eye out?!?
But i do get carried away...

Our first meeting for the GNVDC Men's Fall #53 is this weekend, Sierra the Malamute (below) gets her rabies shot and registration tomorrow, Moni's flying to Wyoming to see the grandbabies in a couple weeks,

two nephews of our have purchased new football cleats moved into their respective dorms (Brett M at Adrian College [go 'Dogs!] and Kenny attempting to walk-on at Alabama [roll Tide!]), and we are shifting the dinner paradigm from 'on the grill' to 'in the crock pot' (It must be pointed out here that this, in and of itself, is not a true indicator of season. I love to grill all year round, as long as i can shovel our Michigan snow off the grill cover. My beautiful wife would make beef, carrots, and potatoes in the crock pot twice a week if I let her.)

One thing that still yells 'Summer!' is the color. Green leaves, oh so green; yes living, breathing stomata-green leaves everywhere!! My wife said she saw some hints of fall colors as she drove south earlier in the week and the burning bushes in our yard are showing shades of that defining brick-red, but still the vast bulk of the foliage remains vividly green.

Dear Philip Douglas Coke,

You are a nice person but please don't take the baseball from Jimmy Smokes anymore.



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