Monday, August 19, 2013

Marvelous Monday!!

We were blessed in southeastern lower Michigan with a warm, sunny weekend yet again!
The beauteous thing about this time of year is that even though it gets warm during the day and the sun beats down on my vinyl drivers seat in my Ranger and when I get in after work I let out a pathetic yelp as the fabric of my shirt pulls up and hot vinyl meets lower back, the nights are still cool!! And I do not mean cool as in hip or awesome. I mean temps down into the 50s (or even 60s, as is predicted for the first part of this week), wet grass and car windows in the morning, along with the sun that makes it tough to drive in the morning.

MSU opens up NEXT FRIDAY against Western Michigan and, although I am a WMU alumnus, I'm rooting for that elusive perfect season and BSC Championship! (

We had our GNVDC #53 first team meeting this past Saturday - great group of guys who I'm looking forward to getting to know. The weekend is 10-13 October in St. Clair Shores; we are in prayer for the Participants, that their heart would be open to God's grace throughout these three days. (

The bedroom/bathroom/closet project is coming along well, albeit not as fast as my beautiful wife would have it. I'm moving from the bathroom into the bedroom: painting walls, trimming in natural pine, fixing up the sub-floor and installing carpet.(photos to come)

Our beloved Tigers just completed a five game home series with Kansas City and are in first place, 7 games up on Cleveland and 8.5 up on KC. They have the best record in the AL and only Atlanta in the NL has a better win percentage. This has not been the case in recent Tigers-history; they've always been fighting for a wild card spot and just happy to be in the playoffs, if they got there. This year, they're fighting for home field advantage throughout the playoffs (World Series home field has already been provided by the American League sluggers in the All-Star Game!).
Miggy is five homers behind Chris Davis in Baltimore and his numbers are better than last years MVP/Triple Crown season. It's a great time to be a fan, Mario Impemba notwithstanding. (


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