Thursday, August 29, 2013

While it is still called To-day

Woke up, cool from the air conditioner; Monica sleeping peacefully in bed next to me, Sierra on the floor next to me enjoying the cool air also. Fed and let Si outside, packed lunch, cleaned up and got dressed. Checked weather, partook of utilitarian conversation with Moni. Left - got gas, doughnut, coffee before expressway, backed into my parking spot just like every day.
Unlocked coded outer door, flipped switch on 'Open' sign, turned card around from 'Will Return at 9:00' to 'Open, Come On In!'. Struggled up 20 steps, turned on lights and coffee maker. Put chili and soda in fridge, grabbed a cold bottle of water and unlocked Windows. Absorbed and contemplated newest information which has come to light on Broom and thought to myself 'It's kinda warm in here'; marched to the back room and cranked the thermostat down from 80 to 75. Updated the app in the LOS with respect to this new information, man.
Filled my coffee cup and grabbed a fresh cold water bottle. Swore at the fruit fly tormenting the area I work in and turned on the radio. Emailed faux LO regarding new information which has come to light; he will address tomorrow. Flipped the daily calendar to August 29: I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life. He gave me life that I might enjoy all things. , with no named author.
Prepared the Clemons signed app package for submission - I need to know how 'borrower-paid' compensation changes the interest rate we can provide. Packaged Depp's financial documents for mailing to her cousin the realtor in Howell. Answered a brief customer service survey for Unplugged Wholesale Mortgage over the phone.
Small-talked with boss, then complained about him leaving me with HIS clients in the office last night. Asked about pricing for 'borrower-paid'. Checked on the status of Ricardo. Read some Tiger/MSU news.
Organized the Broom file, munched on an old salad.
Worked on rates and stuff with Trump and Rob. Locked Clemons at 4.75%. Changed radio station to 97.1 and hoping Miggy hits a couple dingers to-day.
Submitted Clemons and commented on the live Tiger blog. Poured a diet Dew over ice while the Tigers are down 2-0 in the third.
Ate some of Moni's delicious chili over some corn chips heated up. Poured another Dew in my Comerica Park cup. Tigers down 4-0 and don't look (sound, really) good at all. Printed titlework from Brain on Kauzmoon.
Washed dishes again and checked pricing. Talked to my sweetie and it's hot outside and muggy. Requested a credit card number from Kauzmoon. Played one game of hearts. Checked on appraisal prices.
Cleaned up some files, poured a cold diet Dr. Pepper.

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