Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What an Awesome God we serve!

No Run DMC rhyme this; more like Garrison Keillor on a Saturday afternoon ...

They showed up early Thursday night
The look upon the faces: fright!
Sung to, clapped for, and herded in
'Please sit down, we will now begin'

Silence now, let's go to bed
Questioning thoughts within their heads
Morning chapel, the Chicken song
Will the line for breakfast be very long?

Sing a song, hear a talk
Take some notes, take a walk
Good food, nice people, this could be cool
'Be on time' was the only rule

Share your poster with group
Tortilla wrap, potato soup
The Last Supper came, then sang the gals
Attempts to hide tears from pals

Lots of hugs and laughs and smiles
With God convicting all the while
Long days, good talk, and lemonade
Bathroom breaks and friendships made

Notes from loved ones warmed the heart
New crosses define the role, the part
Before we go, we sing and pray
With tons of people - what the hay!?!

We take our flowers,give hugs of love
Then, thanking God in heav'n above
For all the blessings of the day;
We leave the Weekend, and start 4th Day

Graces of God, big ones and small
Enable, empower the Good in us all
Study, Action and Piety
The three-legged stool: stability!


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