Tuesday, August 21, 2012


To-day, something special and wonderful will happen.
I have already informed my wife of this and she's a believer...

I am still looking for a job here close to home so I don't have to go up north next week and be away from my soul-mate for another nine months. We have reached an emergency level of household debt and only our faith in an almighty, all-loving Creator God has gotten us through together. Medicines for both animals and us, vehicle break-downs, our main truck being stolen, ... it doesn't sound like much when I look at the list (and to our Heavenly Father it is certainly not much) but nonetheless we seem to be buried with few options. The loss of health insurance when I was cut to part-time last year was huge, my quite inexpensive rental room i don't think will be an option any more as a result of landlords' romantic entanglements.
We pray for guidance and deliverance from this pile of debt. It's our fault; I'm not complaining nor do I shirk responsibility - this is our cross as we head into fall and 'back to school' time. God help us please.

My diversions at this time of year have always been the Tigers (not really always: there was a time - actually the entire decade of the '90s when I couldn't have named four or five guys on the team), football for sure - mostly college and most recently the Michigan State Spartan Footballers. See, we up in Big 10 country sure love our football. And I grew up root, root, rooting (along with the rest of metro Detroit, it seemed) for the leaders and the best: U-M. And the rooting did not seem so out-of-touch with what should have been: When I was a kid, the basketball teams were really good. The footballers seemed perennially (i know how to spell that word, now) locked in a fight to go to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl (back when there were like four good bowl games on New Years Day, and few others). But I've switched affinities of late and root, root, root for the Spartans now. Go Green!
When I was younger I followed the NFL but I've really grown tired of what I am made to watch between the plays - and I don't mean the commercials! Fast, large, strong men getting up from the ground and going back to their huddle while flailing arms, pointing to themselves, pointing downfield toward the opponents endzone, nodding thier heads violently, and joining others with the similarly-colored shirts and pantaloons in doing all these things in a congratulatory manner...
"LOOK WHAT I DID!!!!!!!",
pathetic little big men...

Almost can't stand it but I do enjoy monday morning small talk so I partake a bit.

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