Thursday, August 9, 2012

oh so quiet...

Rain has moved through and the temps are in the mid 70s at 4:53 pm! We just set a record for the hottest July in the lower 48 since 1933; this is quite welcome. The air conditioners are off! The fans are off! The windows are open and the birds are singing but there is no other sound save my fingers on the keyboard (a dull thud-thud, not the ridiculous clackety-clack-clack that hollywood uses.)

Praise God in the quiet of the day!!
Praise Him from Whom all blessings flow!!

I was just looking at our utility bills...cable is the same every month but the electric bill, which is quite minimal in the winter, rises with the use of air-cooling devices. Our gas, which heats the house and runs the range and dryer, is high in the winter and goes down to minimal during the summer. It all works out!

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