Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My wife wants a teardrop...

I had the blessing of cooking tonight for my sweetie and myself at the end of a long day. We had chicken  breasts marinated for a while that I fried in olive oil on the stove, we had yellow squash and green pepper from brother-in-laws garden fried with olive oil and just a hint of garlic, AND we had whipped potatoes with milk, ground black pepper, butter; boiled with garlic. Ohmygoodness we had the house smelling so good!!

Together, we are listening to Kenny Chesney thanks to the wonders of Youtube. I have Kelly Clarkson ready to spin when the hit 'Come Over' is over.

Father, thank You for this time tonight with my beautiful bride. Thank You for bringing us together over 18 years ago, thank You for keeping us together through all messes we have created individually and together; thank You for loving us so much.

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