Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

"...The day begins and now let's see what this new world will do for me."

Schonberg's Les Mis fills my classroom after a brief National Honor Society induction meeting, greeting kids in the hallway, getting a trigonometry lecture ready (not really), pouring the black caffeinated lukewarm beverage down my throat...

"...sack the girl to-dayyyyyyy!
Right, my girl, on your way!!!"

LORD, grant us this day the peace that passes understanding. 
Fill us with Your wisdom, Your love, Your joy; 
be glorified to-day by all we say and do. 
Pour out your favor and graces especially on those who are hurting to-day, 
those who are angry, 
those who are lonely, 
those who don't know what to do. 
Dona nobis pacem.

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