Monday, March 5, 2012

#144 The Lutheran Hymnal

Jesus Grant that Balm and Healing

Text: 1 Peter 2:24, Jesu, deine tiefen Wunden, by Johann Heermann, 1644.
Tune: Der am Kreuz, Johann B Konig, 1788

Jesus, grant that balm and healing In Thy holy wounds I find,
Ev'ry hour that I am feeling Pains of body and of mind.
Should some evil tho't within Tempt my treach'rous heart to sin,
Show the peril, and from sinning Keep me ere its first beginning.

Ev'ry wound that pains of grieves me, By Thy stripes, Lord, is made whole;
When I'm faint, Thy Cross revives me, Granting new life to my soul.
Yea, Thy comfort renders sweet Ev'ry bitter cup I meet;
For Thy all atoning Passion Has procured my soul's salvation.

O my God, my Rock and Tower, Grant that in Thy death I trust,
Knowing Death has lost his power Since Thou trodd'st him in the dust.
Savior, let Thine agony Ever help and comfort me;
When I die, be my Protection, Light, and Life, and Resurrection. Amen!

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