Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Praise Jesus this weather is almost too good to be true!! Sunny, about 80 with a nice breeze...too nice!! Michigan State just tipped off in round 3 against the St. Louis University Billikens!! I rode a bicycle to-day for the first time in __?__ years. If I have to watch another Capital One ad, I'm going to throw up on this keyboard. What is a billiken? Ving Rhames, Tom Cruise, Lawrence Fishburne in Mission: Impossible III just started on one of the cable channels...that is a good movie. I own it but haven't watched it in a while. I have two hundred minutes and two hundred fifty texts left and a week to use them all up. Rick Majerus coaches the Billikens; he used to coach at Marquette, Ball State, and Utah. He likes bratwurst. I just pulled some bratwurst out of the freezer for the grill tonight. It's that kind of day: a grillin day. I watched the Tigers tee off for 10 runs against the world champion Cardinals (played yestreday, St. Patrick's day, while both teams wore green jerseys and replayed this morning while i basked in the sun on the deck). Michigan State held on to get into the Round of 16. My thighs are sore.

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