Monday, May 10, 2010

low blood sugar woke me up wide awake at 1:15 it must be time to type! (ttt) :-)

Ernie told me this yestreday: When you have the choice of being right or being kind, always be kind.

I just had a lunchmeat/american cheese/no mustard sandwich but it was on the real cheap spongy white bread...omgwasitgood!!!

In a field of yellow flowers, ...

diet mountain dew out of a can isn't supposed to be real good for me, either, golly it sure is tasty!

Planted some snow on the mountain perennials sunday before i came back north; day before i made a couple of planter boxes (one rests on a 4x4 buried, never saw such a thing) and a cover for the camper. We were excited to get to watch the wings together but my buddy fell asleep after one period and it ended up being the last game anyway for them. DET lost today to CLE and go home for a week or so against NYY and BOS. I'm getting TRD and it's time to go to BED.

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