Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Didn't play our usual Monday doubleheader,

got to watch the Tigers instead. A great game with drama and heroics against the hated Yankees. Willis was a scratch cuz he was sick so Thomas started, followed by Bonine, Coke, Ni, Zumaya, Perry, and Valverde. Bonine got his third win and Valverde his 9th save - yes! Bosch had a big hit and Mags a big catch, Valverde struck out the side in the ninth. The boys gotta keep beating teams from the East (west, and central too, huh?) because Minnesota sure has been. Tigs are three games back, bullpen has been lights out, hitting second in the american league.

A good day with the kids to-day: two classes are working on end-of-year projects and my class of seniors is all but done...giving the final exam tomorrow (note to self - make copies!!!). Middle schoolers are still a mystery that will never be completely solved but i've incorporated tangrams into the daily grind for the rest of the year. "No Jillian tonight?!?" "NO!!!!!" whatever.

Staff meeting after school, yada yada yada...double header thursday down in Pentwater against a stinky team i got to scout yestreday. We'll be undefeated in conference going into our final four games next week. Tough Manistee Catholic is beatable - we've got better hitters top to bottom even though they've got a couple of kids at the top of the order with alot of pop.

I get to hang out downtown Detroit this weekend at Eastern Market for Flower Day! Selling and selling perennials and trees...great experience there last year, hope it warms up (47 now, windy and rainy).
Gonna test my blood sugar...ok...took a shot. Landlord's doing pork on the grill, steamed asparagus, cheesy somekinda soup, and there's fresh bread and roasted potatos. mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmm.

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