Saturday, May 29, 2010


A glorious Saturday afternoon and i have all but completed my chores. Let's see, ... woke up (good), made some coffee but forgot to drink some (?), had a Big Boy omelette (this, it must be told, was an anomaly. i had the pleasure of cooking at Big Boy in college and i know how they make their stuff. i swore years ago i'd never ever eat there again. twas a pleasant suprise though: tasty, larger portion than i remember, and the toasted whole wheat bread was succulent), went to home depot for topsoil (97 cents a bag), got an oil change (you want radiator flushed also? she is brown. what's brown? fluid. what color's it supposed to be? green. how much? is supposed to be 49 i give you ahhh five dollar discount so is 45. 44. yes, 44. how long will it take? 7 minutes. k.), looked for a lawn mower (this was before i checked the bank balance...thankfully i didn't find one), picked up some wild bird seed at the local hardware (not the dollar store crap some other people in the neighbourhood buy, the real good 49 cents a pound stuff!), watered the plants (all of them; doused 'em good, i say), cut off the end of a thin piece of decking by the lake that was literally crumbling (circular saw and a furlong of power cord), fixed the piece of deck by the garage (replaced a board that i stepped through while unraveling the 400 cubits of power cord during the previous task), weedwacked (this was a quite mundane task and really requires no annotation), used one 40 pound bag of topsoil of the fifteen i bought to use for my peppers in a raised bed i had made (what i thought was a little box of miracle grow sitting on the crumbling deck turned out to be just an empty miracle grow box, so the peppers are on their own), bailed out the paddle boat (not-so-recent rains and the lack of a proper cover led to this), planted three perennials (including a beautiful Shasta Daisy on Fred's side of the property by my herbs - these also are on their own), and came up to the library to type (air conditioned, yes, but there's this annoying child asking the librarian if she likes kids? ..." oh yes!" ... "do you!?" "why of course!" "i think sometimes, um, i don't really like boys my age, ... i don't think the girls are that bad but boys are much more annoying than girls...uhum (this obnoxious clearing of collected phlegm) hmmmm..."
ok. anyways, for the rest of the day, ... shall i say, ... life is good. Tigers at 7 (Porcello will try to stop the 5/6 skid they're on) with some grilled brats (Johnsonville you know) and then tomorrow (Sunday) i'm a goin down to the park and watching the one o'clock matinee live. :-) Maybe Bonine will pitch!!

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