Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tar Heel dominates Sparty

I don't know really what happened last night. Suton hit a shot, sloppy turnovers and fouls abounded, Lucas hit a shot, and all of a sudden MSU was down by 21 in the first half. Every loose ball, every needed shot, every call that had gone Green for the past three NCAA Tournament games was missing (or, had gone baby blue). The 'home' crowd, which was reported to be 60, 000 strong for MSU, was being out-shouted, out-chanted, and out-you, you, youed by people from other places of the country. The young men wearing green kept playing hard and fast and determined but nothing seemed to click for them. 21 turnovers, 738 missed shots and 739 makes for the Tar Heels also hurt the Spartans' chances for their second championship this decade.

I was saddest because I told my mom and dad State would win by 6. They're not fans, and they trusted me...

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