Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Life in the Big City

Traveling south for spring break is usually associated with fun, sun, and beer (in my mind). So far this week, I have experienced all three...but I'm not as far south as many. From my job in northern lower Michigan to see my girlfriend just northwest of Detroit is a 250 mile drive but at least I missed the 10 inches of snow that fell up there last Saturday. Instead, I took my shirt off and put the gloves on while pulling up and burning poison ivy. But gloves don't cover the forearms, stomach or face; wiping sweat off the face with the gloves is indicative of idiocy... thank God for prednisone.
So, for fun since then I've done some painting at the house, watched some Piston basketball (and after watching disciplined, coachable college kids play the game for the last couple weeks, NBA is logically equivalent to WWE IMHO), and enjoyed cheezy 50's sci fi on TCM. Life is good.
Go Green!

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