Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wrapping Up The Wrap-up

I've had the pleasure of hanging out with my bosses kids for a few hours these last two days - so adorable and fun they are, in spite of their supreme dislike of anything green or Sparty-ish. When I got to work to-day, my gear, table, seat, and window was done up well with 'Go Blue' and block M signs.

Love the Kermit and Miss Piggy commercial with Charles, Spike, and Samuel L. Sometimes you bring home the bacon, and sometimes the bacon brings you home. Profound :-)

Clemson up 10-7 over Oklahoma in the first semi-final game also known as the Orange Bowl.Commercial breaks are very long, I've noticed already.

Started the day early doing the dishes and wishing it was the weekend - one more day of work before a long weekend (and a short day at that) - I can do it!
And I did it. To the bank after work, then get gas, then shopping at our Kroger (packed - jam packed), then over to Whitmore to look for firewood.Much available, and as I was calling the number posted in front, the guy pulled up! He sold me half a face-cord for $30 and we are blest tonight with a warm fire. I actually couldn't get it all in the Grape so I will get back there tomorrow morning for the rest.

Love the ATT commercials with all the ex-pro players. Is that not right? I made potstickers that look  like tiny football helmets.

Just learned a new college football rule regarding intentional grounding. And the refs are quick to throw their yellow hankies - for everything except pass interference.

Desmond is telling me about an ill-advised play in the first half.

BTN is doing a Cotton Bowl pregame.

Our Wings are up 2-0 over the Penguins.

Clemson up 23-17 halfway through the 3rd quarter.

I'm nervous, but the artichoke dip is done and the pizza is made and ready to bake.

29 degrees F out on our deck, but 68 in the TV room with the fire.

Clemson is up 30-17 with 3 and 43 left in the third.

Wings are up 2-1 with 18:05 left in the 2nd.

7:03 - the radio is tuned in to am 760; George Blaha's pick: MSU by two points :-)

Dantonio just told Blaha he's been asked the dumbest questions he's ever heard heading into this game.

Clemson over Oklahoma 37-17 with 10 and 41 left.

Penguins just tied the Wings 2-2 on a power play goal with just under 8 left in the 2nd.

My favorite Salavation Army Kettle Ringer is home and her season is officially over. We have artichoke heart dip, cold Miller Lites, and a pizza going into the oven.

37-17 with 3 and 41 left... and it's in the books: 37-17 final.

7:54 and Darbo Sweeny is giving God all the glory, to Holly Rowe.

Go Green!!!!!

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