Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Fantasy Football Championship Diary

We were able to pay some bills this morning, praise God; Moni ran some errands, and I made some delicious chicken barley soup.

I'm currently down 34-0 going into the Sunday games due to Danny Woodhead dropping ten on Saturday night and Jordan Reed dropping twenty effin four on Thursday (neither of these studs felt like performing when they were in MY lineup, I can tell you).
My running back who led the league for many weeks (Freeman) went through a dry stretch but has already scored once for me; my other back also has a rushing touchdown.
My Chiefs defense just picked it off, for two points! I am a 55% favorite.

Williams is leading running backs right now in fantasy points. I miss Lake Michigan with my best friend Moni and our malamute Sierra.
big Ben just threw an interception and his score on the day is -1
My tight end has no points for Tampa bay
I'm up 52-38, a 57% favorite

53-38 going into halftime for most of the early games. Detroit is beating San Fran; i'm a 58% favorite
My beautiful bride is on the phone with her sister and trying to sweep with one hand. this is one of those moments I silently thank God for: she doesn't know how adorable she is.

Half time for everybody. Two of his WR going only have three total, which is huge, especially after his magnified TE 24 points earlier.
And his QB has 0, while mine only has 11 (he's averaged over 40 these last three weeks), he's got a WR and DST going tomorrow night, while I've got all three recievers going this afternoon.
My Chiefs D got score on but my RB Williams has another TD. I'm up 55-44 and a 51% favorite
My Chief's D keeps losing points - i'm a 44% underdog...

58-46 49% underdog. everybody's kind of on pause ...
68-49 55% favorite. Carolina is losing with a minute and change left, and Cam only has 14 points.
79-50 68% favorite as my tight end finally caught the ball and scored - on a "hail Mary"!
touchdown Cooks! 94-49 80% favorite
94-53 78% favorite
96-59 75% favorite
I got one receiver catching any passes wtf

97-59 77% favorite...
I don't wanna work, I just wanna bang on the drums all day
101 - 59 81% favorite.
Well, I took a nap, and thanks to the lousy NYG defense, I'm winning 120 - 70, with a 99% chance of success! I have no more player minutes, and my opponent's got two guys going tomorrow night. It's been fun.

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