Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Years Day 2016

On January first, 2016, we slept in (**huge smiley*) and decided we wanted a breakfast where we didn't have to clean up the mess. But there was the rest of a stack of firewood I had paid for the night before and couldn't fit into the Grape that we need to pick up.

So first, to the south end of Whitmore, where Jerry sells stacks of wood with nothing else there but a carboard box with his phone number on it. We loaded up and then went towards our local but just average breakfast place, Hamburg Coney (, where the service is always great and the coffee is hot. But they were closed :-(
So, we headed toward Howell and our favorite place out that way, affectionately known by us as 'Sunrise' (, where the coffee is good and the food is hot. I stepped out of my comfort zone and ordered Greg's Special, I believe, and was not disappointed. English muffins on the bottom, then two sausage patties, then about seven pounds of hash browns, then several litres of piping hot gravy, topped with three eggs (basted, as is my wont). I had to share some with my wife, as I absolutely could not finish this huge plate of food. So hot and flavorful on that snowy morning, we were most thankful.  And we took our time eating, so that we came up with a game-plan for the rest of the day

From Sunrise we headed to the cemetery for a prayer and to dust the snow off of the beautiful wreath Moni had placed there a couple of weeks ago. We noticed on the way that Aldi's was closed, so we decided to head to Howell Kroger for supplies without a list or even having had looked at the ad. This was a mistake, as we could not decide on what to have later and for the rest of the weekend. The pork shoulders for $.99 a pound looked good but the only ones left were so huge; the boneless chicken breasts looked good but no dish sounded good in that full state of mind (and belly) we were both in. We decided on the three pound ground chuck loaf to make sloppy joes later and an on-sale Kroger Italian Style Supreme Pizza.
So we headed south toward home and I says to myself, 'Self, why doesn't ya stop at Wal-mart to get your insulin while you're out this way?'. And self says, 'Good call'. So I says to Moni, 'Do you mind if we stop at Wal-mart to get my insulin while we're out this way?' And she's like 'heck no, I can look at the after-Christmas deals!'. I got my insulin, and we found a few bargains, before we headed to the back of the store to look at television sets. Thanks to the renowned Wally World 'Rollback', we could take home a 43" LG silver-framed set for under $300 before tax. I could not be convinced, though, to apply for a credit card so that we could take this beauty home. At that point I began to cry 'football......', referring to the New Years Six games I was missing, and we finished our business in Howell.
We got home and brought the food in (I still have to unload the wood from the Grape) and tidied up, did some laundry and what not. I turned on the end of the Michigan game, they had scored points and were in a fine position to win. So I switched to Ohio State, who had also scored points, and were in a fine position to win. I had also saw that Northwestern, in spite of not being in a position to win, had scored points, as had Iowa, who were not in a position to win. It seemed that everyone - whether they were winning or losing - had scored points on that day.
Actually, due to the sorrowful events of the night before, football just did not have that much of a draw for me on this beautiful New Year's Day.

So I watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind, knowing that it was a Spielberg classic that I hadn't yet enjoyed, while Moni baked and iced several thousand cookies. We had a warm fire going all night and our home smelled real good.

Thank You, Lord, for blessing us in so many ways. We commit this new year to You, and ask for Your wisdom and Spirit to guide us, that we would love mercy like You do.


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