Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wrapping Up 2015

Yestreday was my Mom's birthday the 29th of December. I always thought it was kind of a bummer - that Christmas always overshadowed her day. But she knows her role, and she's been ok with it for a long time, and so I will also.

A week ago Friday we got the squall that stopped Livingston County for an evening. Kind of like what Michael Rennie did way back in '51. This past Monday we had a system move through that brought rain, sleet, snow, and ice (not necessarily in that order) for most of the day. Then it warmed up overnight and we just had slushy ruts the next morning.
This morning is milder and we are expecting rain later. Moni rings to-day and tomorrow and I think they will be done for the season. I will be in the office for a half day and then home for football and pizza and a fire with my bride.

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