Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Never Curse The Breeze

The breeze coming in my westerly-facing office window is incredible this afternoon, as I take a short break to type. The sun has just begun to wrap around that way and so is hitting me in my legs, causing them to warm up. The papers like to fly around on these days and I don't care! I will tell you why in a little rhyme...

I used to walk through potato fields looking for insects and rot
There was much sweat and all day long I would get very hot.
After I made the big circle through fields of every size,
I'd sit in my truck and I'd write the report for those nice farmer guys.

I'd have the windows open wide so the breeze could come through
And every now and then my report would out the window blew!
But I'd remind myself of why I'd have to chase it down,
And thank God for the breeze that took my paper to the ground.

Never forget these words of mine I'm try-ing to impart
And if you ever curse the breeze, you're just not very smart. 

So when it's sticky, nasty, hot with high hu-mid-i-ty
Be thankful for the breeze that comes and let's you shout, 'Yip-peeee'.

So, in those years - and the years following - I would frequently tell the above story with a reminder to my students to never curse the breeze.
I met a former student at a football game years after he graduated, and he reminded me to remember never to curse the breeze.
He made me smile.

And I still remember.

Thank You, Lord, for the breeze, especially on those days when it is most appreciated.
And we love You, too.


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