Friday, September 25, 2015

Already Friday...

This week flew by.

Moni has been 'helping' her sister in Allen Park and hasn't been home much. 
I've been finishing up the patio block project - fitting in each block with the proper amount of sand underneath so as to make them stable and not wobble under foot.

I made jalapeno poppers for the first time
, I made some potato soup with Thai egg drop soup as the base
 , I had a good braided crust frozen pizza from Kroger, and made a big-ass sandwich on half a loaf of french bread.

Yestreday I got safflower seed, cat litter, cat food, and my insulin at Wal-mart, who has a funny jedi commercial.

The Tigers are in last place, the Royals won the division, the wild-card race is intense, my fantasy football team is 0-2 but I shored it up heading into this weekend. Michigan (2-1) plays #22 BYU (2-1) at home, #2 MSU (3-0) hosts (1-2) CMU (fire up Chips!). OSU is a 31.5 point favorite to win at home over WMU (1-2), I'm helping Carolyn move a couch and fix her garage door tomorrow and Benjamin's baseball games are Sunday.

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