Friday, September 11, 2015

A New Season

We are finishing up the final regular season of my MLB fantasy baseball league. I am doing this for the second year, and am coming off a trip to the playoffs my rookie season. So i had high hopes for this year, and thought my draft was decent enough. I started 7-3 and was quite optimistic, but lost eight straight (and have gone .500 since then) and am not even close to continuing in pursuit of a championship.
My picks have gone bad, and the players I bench have performed well. A screenshot from my current week's scorecard show this:


I lost last week to a guy who drafted his team, set his lineup, and never looked back. Half of his team is on the DL and even though my guys are all healthy, I lost badly. 
Story of my life.

Segue to autumn: cooler temps, hints of color in the foliage, shorter days, invitations to Painter Daves and lower angles of sunlight.  And fantasy football. And it started last night.

So some guys already have points. I do not:


 (I am Red and Black, from Les Miserables, although I really liked this Fawkesian mask colored appropriately, and due to copyright law, could not use the well-known photo of Cosette.)

I am looking foward to this new season, chili, and eating too much on the weekends. 


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