Monday, July 13, 2015

Marvelous Monday

Glory to God and thanks to Him for allowing us such a wonderful weekend!

Moni had both Saturday and Sunday off, which hasn't happened for some time let me tell you.

We started our Saturday with a good Whitmore Lake Tavern breakfast. Now, this little hidden gem ( has been a weekend breakfast favorite of ours for many years. We love their Texas toast with our omelet, and they bring you their own home-made strawberry jelly, blackberry jelly, and cinnamon-butter - each of which could be sold in jars for a pretty penny. A hot cup of coffee, rock and roll memorabilia on the walls, and a hot cheesy omelet - all enjoyed with an accompanying view of the lake - make this a thumbs up experience. The only downer is the blue block-M mugs they bring your coffee in; as Whitmore Lake is only about ten minutes north of Ann Arbor, we don't complain (we don't seriously complain, it's all in fun).

From there we headed towards Howell to spruce up the grave site of Jason Alan

We added some egg rock surrounded by a ring of hand-picked stones supplied by the nice folks at Brighton Stone and Fireplace (, and we refilled the geranium pot with a few half-price annuals from the garden center at Lowe's ( 

The cemetery sits on a lake, and is just a beautiful, calming place. The entire grounds are well-taken care of, and the lake was particularly busy on this warm summer mid-day.

Rest in peace, Jason Alan

From there, we ventured to the Howell Meijer ( for some supplies before heading home. I needed a little bit of tomato sauce for my Rachael Ray Sloppy Joes, and the hummers needed some sugar for their feeder.

I was able to get a bit more painting done; I applied our Cordovan Brown Behr's Premium Plus Exterior flat to the shed trim and the new planter I made right off the deck. Also, the trim around our back door got a good coating that was long overdue.
I did some burgers, corn and asparagus on the grill, and replaced some of our patio stones that had crumbled.

We fed and watered all the vegetables, herbs, and flowers, and cut the grass, and whipped the weeds. I made our favorite potato salad and those sloppy joes on Sunday, and we ate well.

And at the end of the day, we slept well.

Thank You for providing for us always, Lord.
Thank You for meeting our every need - and then some!
Thank You for the wonderful weather and the time we were able to spend together this past weekend.
Thank You for jobs we were able to return to this morning;
Thank You for loving us so much!

All praise and glory to YOU!


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