Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July Weekend Fun

We spent much of the weekend entering into projects long deemed necessary and finally pronounced mandatory by both of us: power-washing the deck and patio brick, fixing up and painting the trim and fascia of our home and shed, getting a new vac, and we finally got that American flag my sweetie has been wanting for so long. In fact, last Thursday we took an evening trip to the closest Menards (where you save big money), in Lansing. It had been a while since we were there last, and I only got lost once on the way.
When we finally got there, we grabbed a cart and began our journey through the myriads of over-priced snack items, T-shirts, flashlights you wear on your head, miracle cleaners, and 24 packs of winter socks to get to our five primary objectives.

i) Slider screen door rollers - check!

ii) Vinyl shutters for our kitchen window (brown, to conform) - check!

iii) Garbage can with a lid and wheels - check! (double check, as we found a nice 13 gallon can with a lid for the kitchen also!)

iv) 1 x 4 rough sawn cedar boards to replace some of the rotten trim on the shed - check! (I've always loved Menards for boards - you get to go up on a catwalk to find the ones you want :-)

v) Garden hose caddy/roller/something to store the hose in instead of leaving it coiled up on the patio - we really didn't agree on one during this trip; we had to wait until our next excursion to The Home Depot to score number v.

Having acquired 80 percent of our objectives (80 plus, if you include the jumbo can of pretzels and the We Love the USA T-shirt my wife had to have), we moved down the retail road towards Target, where we were looking for a deal on bathroom towels or perhaps an upright bagless vacuum that sucked pretty well. Neither popped into our radar here, so we were back on Interstate 96 heading home.
There is a Wal-mart right off the expressway about half way home so we decided to stop there for a look at the vacs. Bam - the

PowerForce® Helix™ Turbo Bagless Vacuum 68C71

jumped right out at us, and stole our hearts. And for twenty bucks less than the list price, we were sold.
So as I lugged the behemoth of a taped up box over my shoulder toward the checkout aisle, and my bride tactfully did a quick search for some nice soft cheap bath towels ( and found some nice ones!), we happened upon a watermelon on rollback that had 'summer tasty' - as well as our name - written all over it.

We scored again, glory to God.

Due to the sobering fact that White Castle was closed (WHAT?!? It's like 10:02?!?), we made a reluctant visit to KFC right next door. Now, it's already dark, and we're about a twenty minute drive away from home, and a bucket of yummy juicy hot flavorful chicken would end up (at least on the driver's side) mostly on my shirt, in the seat, and on the floor. So we got these little chicken sandwiches and a diet Dr. Pepper for the trip home.The moon was rising full and orange right in front of us and we made it home without arguing once. :~P

Still unsatisfied and a bit heartbroken regarding number v) above, we made an early Friday morning trip before work into Brighton (Li'l Chef for breakfast only because they were open so early, and we probably won't go there again any time soon) for our Home Depot run. The garden center had all manner of hose apparatus's (apparati?) in every price range. We decide to get the little holder that I ended up mounting to a landscape timber buried into the ground right off the deck. I topped the timber with a 1 x 3 crossways, from which I hung three suet feeders. Looking good, Winthorp.

From The Home Depot, Moni took me back to where we had left the Grape the night before. She went on to her greenhouse of fun, I to my office of despair. I worked a couple hours and then headed home with my gallon of Behr's paint, can of wasp spray, and the hose holder.

The entire weekend was warm and sunny, which allowed us to get much done around the house. We ended up borrowing a power sprayer for the deck and patio, and we are still in the process of finishing that job up.  Hopefully finish washing tonight, and then by this weekend it will be dry enough to paint - and then fly that flag!

Thank You, LORD, for our home, and for providing the resources to fix it up.
Thank You for teaching us to work together, and to love each other throughout all.
Thank You for giving my wife such a vision for potential and change for the better.
And thank You for bringing us together twenty one years ago.
Glory to You, LORD!

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