Thursday, January 16, 2014


In mid-latitudes Great Lake America, the sun stays low, and she only stays out to play briefly.

Flannel sheets and a thick comforter, snuggle weather each night.
Start the truck early and let it warm up.

Once more Scrooge, It's a Wonderful Life

The deck railing lit, the Christmas tree has been removed there and still shines!

Snow storms and snow days. Plowing and scraping.
Fat birds rest on the thin leafless dappled willow branches; the fat cat watches with supreme attentiveness....

Warm fires at night with college basketball, a movie.
Birthdays with warm pies and warm laughter.

Wind chills and white bean chicken chili
Red pullover parka and red meat chili stew
Brooks chili with sour cream and chips!

Much of the autumn color has faded to shades of grey and brown; white everywhere!
Martin Luther King and the Presidents
Valentines and Epiphany

LVCCM Weekends, retreats, funding drives

No bugs 

Christmas candy marked down, red boxed heart shaped candy fresh and ready to purchase


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