Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Morning

Dear LORD,

Thank  You for a new day, a new week, and new warmer temperatures.
Thank You for getting me out of bed this morning, for my eyes to see your glorious sunrise, for my ears to hear the birds chattering, for my legs that walked me to take the garbage out.
Thank You for the Christ, for His time on earth, for His sacrifice for us.
Thank You for Your love, how it transforms, how it can tear down so much that is ugly.
Be with my bride as she is with her son and his family, let her be a blessing to them, let her enjoy the time with those beautiful grandbabies.
Let me shine Your love to every person I talk to, every person I see to-day; love through me, LORD!!
Praise be Your holy Name, praise be the God of Creation, the God of Love!
Praise and glory and honor to You LORD!!

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