Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Should slapping the basketball court with both hands when your team is up and you just scored result in a technical foul?

I blended in a banana with my powdered nutritional drink and the blender left pea sized chunks of banana in my beverage

Watched enough of Our Vines Have Tender Grapes with Ed Robinson and Margaret O'Brien to know two things: I really want to watch the whole movie and we cannot possibly pray enough for each other.

Chaps Feed Store on 5 Mile and Middlebelt sells suet for the birds for $.89 a brick.

I already miss CHRISTmas music.

I wish I could spend $50 a month to watch just the sports and movies that I want to watch.

I absolutely loathe spending $85 a month to watch some things I want to watch broken up between endless mindless adverts.

MSU is ranked #4 and beating NU in Evanston. It's good to see Alex Gauna doing more on the court than get a defensive rebound. We play U of I (The Fighting Illini) Saturday night at 8.

I have not watched Duck Dynasty.

After work tonight, I
fed the dog, fed the cat, filled the water bowl, did the dishes, heated up a container of 'Mac & Cheese Lasagna' by Omaha Steaks, washed some clothes, retrieved the dog from down the block, heated up a container of 'spaghetti' from Big Lots, decided on a birthday present for my dad, put lotion on my legs, watched a little basketball, texted a few friends, took some meat out of the freezer for dinner tomorrow, confirmed the fact that I need to eat more apples, folded clothes, read my Bible, texted my sweetie good night.

Good night

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