Wednesday, October 2, 2013

An Excellent Wife Who Can Find

I have known for years, but will sometimes be hesitant to admit it, that God often speaks to me through my wife. In His infinite wisdom, He has chosen to reveal to me things that He thinks I need to know through her.

I was rude to my boss to-day - I got miffed because I felt he didn't trust that a decision I made would benefit the common good of the company. And I let him know. And after relating the story to the wife of my youth - not even after, really; i could tell she was chomping at the bit to reply about two sentences in but was polite enough to not interrupt until I took a breath - she reminded me kindly that I need not get so offended so easily, that i not get my blood pressure up over so little a thang.
I thanked her and continued to prepare our pulled chicken dinner (brought to us by Rachel Ray!), while ruminating on my sin and her rebuke. And the longer I ruminated, the more I was convicted and the more I wanted tomorrow to get here so I could apologize and move on.

But that's how it is when you mess up. You can't just 'undo' everything like I can here if I spell 'undo' wrong. There are consequences, and there are breaches, and there is separation, and there is hurt.

As I left work, I offered my pulled chicken for lunch tomorrow; he said he'd buy pizza on Friday.
To me, this was a partial mend, a concession between two males who share close quarters for several hours each day; not quite an apology, but a mutual willingness to move forward.
That will have to do, until a real apology can be offered tomorrow.

How beautiful are Your ways, LORD
How perfect Your wisdom.
Thank You for not giving up on me, 
Thank You for all the ways you teach me,
Thank You especially for my wife, and what You
reveal to me through her.


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