Wednesday, October 16, 2013


My brother sent me an email birthday card this morning.
This, in and of itself, was very nice.
His thoughtfulness, the loving message, being remembered.
But, in the message of the card, it referred to this birthday as 'golden'.
 = "old"; as in Golden Anniversary, for people who have been married 50 years (my parents last year), making them probably 70 years old or older...

[Not like the alien from Lost in Space referred to by the Robinsons as (appropriately enough) The Golden Man]
Deceitful LiS alien who won favour with the Robinsons due to his golden appearance

The big Five-oh

I don't really 'feel' old; my body does, as I have abused it for most of my adult life with cigarettes, alcohol, and food in excess. But my mind really doesn't; I try to keep a positive, almost naive, outlook on things: there IS a Santa Claus, there IS an Easter Bunny, there IS a Queen of England.

Working with kids since 1987 has helped me 'stay young' I believe. On the other hand, working with adults has contributed to my allowing myself to fall into skepticism and cynicism.

Anyways: This is the day the LORD has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!!

Thank You, Father, for this new day - for the sunshine and cool temps.
Thank You for family and friends, for work and play, for food and water and jobs.
Thank You for allowing me these fifty years on Your earth, for seeing fit to create me in Your image, and for calling me into Your kingdom.
You are Great; Praise Your Name!!
Hallelujah, hallelujah!!

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