Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How much is a book of stamps?

I watched a guy named Rob Ross work his magic on an easel this morning using his palette of oil paints, a two inch brush, and a knife. Unbelievable, to me, was how he could create a beautiful scene of autumn trees behind an old covered bridge crossing the narrows of a small lake with just those tools. I was enthralled by the entire process; although my arm was attempting to gravitate to the clicker to check MLB Network, Weather Channel, and Fox 2 Morning News updates, I could not make myself pick it up during his entire 25 minute presentation.
He told me that people write him letters regularly and tell him that, after they start actually painting themselves, they are able to really see scenery. They see detail like they never have before, and appreciate the beauty of a landscape or sunset now more than they ever have.

I don't paint, but I do enjoy the visual images God provides me every day. The downtown buildings framed against morning clouds as I walk from my truck to the office, the slight seasonal coloring of the trees last night driving home on the entrance ramp to I-96: 80 - 85%  green still with limes and lemons and oranges and (oh-so-subtle) reds pushing in, the detailed darker brown and whitish feathers of a sparrow who lands on the feeder as I peer through the small glass window of the shed door (along with its uncanny ability to rotate its head almost 360 degrees, searching for the potential impending doom of a hawk or feral cat), the thin crescent moon hanging low in the sky this morning, following Orion westward imperceptibly, framed by a ton of bright stars in every direction... oh the beauty of it all!! Oh the detail in the Artist's work!! Oh the use of color, depth, time!

Praise the Creator, praise the Painter, praise the Mind behind it all!!

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