Thursday, May 16, 2013

The warmth has returned...

We're getting the same weather, here in the middle of May, that we had last March. Just to-day, the wife reminded me that she was warm and would I put the air conditioner in our bedroom window?

So, it's there, with the dog laying right under it, and I hope it blesses her when she gets home tonight and goes to bed.
Kitty continues to lay in front of our slider watching the birds and trying to claw the mosquitoes through the screen.
The little neighbor boy across the street is hopping up and down on his pogo stick - what a throwback?!?
Lots of new loans at work but no closings at all so far this month. Busy, busy though. I went to the greenhouse tonight after work for a couple hours. No customers there but i stickered alot of pots with price tags.

Thank you, Lord, for so many blessings each and every day: morning by morning new mercies I see!!


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