Sunday, May 19, 2013

Picture perfect day

This is the kind of day you can get sunburnt real bad if you're not careful: not tremendously hot, partly cloudy much of the time, a nice breeze, and you haven't had a Sunday like this since ooooooooh... last August. Especially if you're out on a boat - just tootling along in your buddy's pontoon or zipping along in your jet boat with skiers and tubers following behind... don't forget the SPF 30!

A guy on a commercial just told me to lick the back of my hand and smell it. If it stunk, that meant I had bad breath.

Praying to-day for

> the LVCCM mens #80 team, meeting in Midland without me
> neighbor Scott with his hydrocele surgery coming up Tuesday.
> Moni and Kace E downtown for Eastern Market Flower Day
> little brother Gary who doesn't text or call any more
> big brother Stan who lost his son a week ago

LORD, in Your mercy, hear our prayer...

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