Wednesday, May 29, 2013

...and a muggy Wednesday

Inside with three fans blowing while I type and try to imagine a way to try and cook the meat for these tacos I'm a fixin to make tonight without it making more heat in the kitchen...
Try not,

You can check the record over the last five years yourself, but I am not going to spout on about the Red Wings game 7 tonight in Chicago. Everytime I do something of the sort, I jinx the team.
It's like when, oh, Sanchez, for instance, is cruising along with a no hitter and it gets to the eighth and i text my brother and say something as benign as 'hey bro, you watching the tigers?'
Next thing is BAM Joe Mauer rips a single up the middle and I curse a bit and try to imagine how Jim Leyland can not possibly believe in things like jinxes.

I'm really not even going to mention the fact that there is also a Tiger game tonight in Pittsburgh (the city of Brandonly Inge) and that Hot Rod Allen is apparently not going to be in the FSD TV booth. So, Marvelous Mario will be teamed with none other than Craig Monroe (@CMo_27) and I am hoping beyond hope that CMo talks more than Marvelous does. See Dan and Jim on the radio are only flowing through the AM spigot due to the aforementioned Wings game taking precedent on the FM side. You need an effin Venn Diagram to keep up with these guys. (What movie??)

God bless us, every one.

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