Sunday, February 5, 2012


That's 46 to you and me, kids.
Doing some math in preparation for the Big gotta love proving trigonometric identities! 
6:00 and the Kickoff Show has begun...are these the cool commercials yet?, no.
Just ate a can of Spaghetios...what crap compared to what I remember as a kid...
Crazy Train as the Pats run on the field! 
Goose bumps when those two came in together on the first chorus of America.
Interesting to see who gets booed during the Anthem...
Fine-tuning things, beverage in place, pretzels nearby, mouse connected well, Spaghettios off the list forever, ...
Ronald McDonald house making me cry already...
Hyndai Genesis around the track..boring.
Al Michaels, Chris Collingsworth are to the 21st century what Pat Summerall and John Madden were to the 20th, can I get an amen?
Will I win a free pizza?!? C'mon heads! .... .... YES!!! OH  yeah Papa! 
The Rocky song Hyndai: pretty cool. 
NBC over-dramatic introduction: please....
Sounds like a Giant's that the intros are done.
Bradshaw for one. Three more on the completion to Pasco. First down to Cruz. Nine yards to Ballard; first down Bradshaw. Jacobs up the middle for 3.   
First down to Nix for 19 yards. First NE sack. Bradshaw nothing to the left. 3rd and 13: 2nd NE sack. PUnt downed at the NE 5.
But Light Platinum...hmmm....
Ooooh, vampires...original Audi.
Long incomplete ... first penalty for I.G. and results in a penalty.
No Pepsi for you. Flavor Flav!!!
Hyundai with the cat...they must have had a good year or something...
2 nuthin, Giants ball.
First down completion. Completion to Ware for 8. Bradshaw first down and more. Ware for 5 more. Plasco completion for another first down to the 18. Jacobs gain of 3. Completion to Nicks at the 11. 3rd and 3: Incomplete? Penalty! First and goal. Inside hand-off Bradshaw for 4 to the 2. TD Manning to Cruz. Nine - nuthing.
Naked m-m's ...yawn.
Best Buy  ... yawn.
NE at the 29. Rund DMC to the break...
Coke it looks like witht eh bears
Chevy..."twinkie?" yeah
Loss of 1. Screen to 42; 3rd and 4. First down to Grampa Branch to midfield. Welker another first down. 42 to the 28. First down end-around to Welker. 
End of first quarter. 
Bridgestone...Deion and Troy!
Lexus gs...boring.
Brady to Hernandez for 2. Up the middle for a couple; 3rd and 4: incomplete. Field goal: 9-3.
Prohibition over by yet
Doritos...missed it.
Chevy with the yellow car and the fridge...good.
Touchback on the kick 
Down with OPP yes!!
GE turbines... down the minutes to Madonna...
Incomplete Eli on first down. 11 yards up the middle. Incomplete to Bradshaw. 
Big beautiful moon almost full out there!
Jacobs for 4 up the middle.3rd and 6: what a catch for Nicks! Deep and incomplete on 1st down. 12 men in the huddle on NYG. 2nd and 15. Bradshaw for nowhere. Complete to Bradshaw for about 11; punt formation. 
Brady incomplete...3rd and 8. Complete to Welker just short; Romanian punter punts. Giants ball.
Bradshaw has 9 carries for 44 yards...Complete to Bradshaw to midfield. Holding on 3rd down; we'll replay the down. Eli to Mario incomplete deep.
Chevy Sonic song
Friday Star Wars in 3D...
Welker to the 9; 2nd and 5.Rushing first down. 20 and a first down to Grondkowski. 2 minute warning second and 6. 
Samuel L. in Avengers.
The little head off the shoulder is stupid
I'm not watching the halftime show...i'm doing dishes, just fyi.
First down to Hernandez. First down to Hernandez with 61 seconds left. From the 33. Run for 1: 2nd and 9: Welker to the 21 and a first down. Time out with 29 seconds out. 
Launching the kid for the doritos : classic!
GI Joe 6.29.12
Hernandez first down.2nd and 2. Loss of 1. Touchdown to Woodhead. 
10-9 at halftime. Strike a pose.
Synopsis: nothing even remotely close to being as good as Chrysler's Eminem commercial from last year.
Patriot Pizza: an omen?!?
Look at the shape of my pizza slice...look like a particular team's helmet logo?!?... Coincidence or what?!?

Here we go!
Ocho sinco, Green-Ellis, Welker...14 straight for Tom, a Super Bowl record. Touchdown Hernandez!
You see that hit on Nicks right in front of the microphone?!? Payouw!!!
Giant field goal makes it 17-12.

Fiat: stupid.
Regis!! pretty good!
Pats start at their 17. 
Camry: reinvented...pretty cool.
The coke bears again...
Acura with Jay Leno...ok
GE and their manufacturing ...
Down goes Brady on 3rd (first sack) and that sets up a punt. G-men good field position down by 5.
Grab some Buds the absolute stupidest worst.
Nicks complete over the middle and loses the ball...Giant ball, first and 10 on the 33. Rush of 7 for Jacobs. Brandon Jacobs for another first down. Completion to Pasco over the middle for another first down. Bradshaw to the 8. Bradshaw loss of 2. 3rd and 8: Eli sacked at the 15! The try for 3: good. 17-15 Pats. 
Pretty good numbers for both quarterbacks so far...Touchback on the kick.
Incomplete on first down...Green Ellis to the 38 and that's it for the 3rd.
17-15, 15 minutes left. showing the timeline on the field...good.
Ford F150 boring
Debbiespenditnow: Pete Spenditnot...ha
Truck do these local morons afford super bowl ads?
Green Ellis for a first down. Brady picked off...underthrown...
G-men from their 10: Incomplete. Bradshaw fumble and giant recovery. 3rd and 7: whistles for a giant time out.
All the cartoon characters; Underdog!! Met Life!! 2nd best!
Incomplete; fourth and 7. ...penalty patriots. replay 3rd and 2.Complete to Nicks to the 28 for a first down.
Cruz completion makes it 3rd and 1.  
Here, Weego! 3rd best
Ooh, incomplete to Mario. 3rd and 5: G-men timeout.
and punt
Brady incomplete from the 8. Woodhead first down to the 31, gain of 19. Green-Ellis who has never fumbled for 3. 
Samsung Galaxy: i hope they go bankrupt for stupidity.
2nd and 7 from the 35 for Brady and company...Welker on a gain of 11 on the reverse.
Woodhead gained 1 up the middle.
After the punt, Eli for 38 yards to Maningham...they're down to the 32, 2nd and 8: first down at the 2 minute warning to Nicks.
The over-under was around 55 at gametime; we're under that now...Pats were picked to win by 3.5 to-day, but the lead is 2 with 2 minutes left. need Danica back. 
Bradshaw for 7 up the middle. Nicks gets a first down; first and goal. Bradshaw stopped at the six. Pats let Bradshaw score with :57 left; g-men go for 2. no conversion.
80 yards to go for the pats, they need a touch down. Incomplete to Branch; :52 left. Hernandez dropped this one. Sacked! 4th and forever with :36 left. First down to Branch! First down to Hernandez, spike with :19. Penalty then an incomplete with 5 seconds. Jump ball: incomplete! The new york football giants are champions! And the detroit pizza-eating baldner is going to bed.

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