Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oh what a day?!?!

Dear diary, to-day I

got up,
called my sweetie,
texted my mom,
prayed the rosary and five of the Stations of the Cross,
made coffee,
cooked veggies, ham, eggs, bagel,
filled my water bottles,
shoveled a bit of snow,
took my med'cines,
took photos of the fresh snowfall-covered landscape,
sent the photos to myself from the iPad i took them with, 
did the rubiks cube after several mistakes (out of practice),
entered two dollar general surveys,
downloaded hg wells' the time machine to read this weekend at my leisure,
emailed my sweetie,
turned on ESPN college gameday live and in person in Ann arbor Michigan (this brings up a concerning issue for me...msu and osu have identical records but state won the head to head meeting so are in first place in the conference. Michigan is a  game behind both and, if they beat osu tonight, will still be in third place AND msu will have the best conference record in the conference...dilemma solved: root for u-m )-8),
strummed through Pink Floyd's The Wall,
washed a load of laundry,
talked to my sweetie a bit,
watched the ending of Kitty Galore,
read some of The Time Machine,
read some of Les Miserables, 
played some spider solitaire, freecell, and hearts, 
read some of Will The Real Heretics Please Stand Up,
found out that the guy who played Chuck in Kitty Galore was the voice for the guy at the carnival in Despicable Me (ohoh, somebody's got a frowny face!)
warmed up some cheese with tomatoes with chilies and had a feast with corn chips,
talked to my sweetie again,
watched the ending of The Hunchback of Notre Dame,
listened to and dispatched alotta gossip,
strummed guitar til my fingers got sore 8P,
ate chips and salsa and some good pretzel chunks, and
made a huge foccocia bread mustard and mayo pickles and cheese ham and turkey sandwich before bedtime.

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