Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jesu, deine Passion

Melchior Vulpius, 1609; based on Luke 18:31-34. Tune by Sigismund v. Birken, 1653, translated by August Crull, 1923.

Jesus, I will ponder now On Thy holy Passion
With Thy Spirit me endow For such meditation.
Grant that I in love and faith May the image cherish
Of Thy suff'ring, pain, and death That I may not perish.

Make me see Thy great dis-tress, Anguish, and affliction,
Bonds and stripes and wretchedness And Thy crucifixion;
Make me see how scourge and rod, Spear and nails, did wound Thee,
How for man Thou diedst, O God, Who with thorns had crowned Thee.

Grant that I may willingly Bear with Thee my crosses,
Learning humbleness of Thee, Peace in pain and losses. 
May I give Thee love for love! Hear me, O my Savior,
That I may in heaven above Sing Thy praise forever.

I can just hear the pipes, those beautiful pipes in the balcony of Greenfield Peace Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, 7000 West Outer Drive, Detroit, Michigan, 48235....Lloyd N. Schultz's fingers and feet providing our four parts...

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