Monday, October 3, 2011

Why would I let something like erectile dysfunction get in the way?

How 'bout: Is it that time? No, just before.

Enough dammitall!!!!
Just minutes away from the first pitch...i do miss all the pregame hype by FSD during the season...

Ok, first inning jitters, JV?
Much better second, the double play my wife predicted!!!
Good third, another double play...home team tied it in their half...
One walk, no harm in the fourth, Texiera hit one hard to left. 2-2.Easy fourth for CC. Avila struck out again, looks like Inge from the other side of the plate, wiffing harmlessly.
JV strikes out the side in the, to watch! 2-2.Inge single, Jackson sac bunt, Santiago rbi double up the gap in left! 3-2 Victor is 0-3 and overdue.
Single stranded and two more K's for JV (the nicest one being Alex Rodriguez standing there like the house by the side of the road, to end the inning)... and the crowd goes wild. 3-2. Peralta doubles in Don Kelly, who bunted for a leadoff base hit. 4-2.
2 quick outs for JV then walk, hit batter, double by gardner to tie it. Jeter k's to end the 7th and give JV 10. 4-4.Delmon dinger in the bottom of 7th to make it 5-4.
top of 8: a walk and no more; JV done. (8 IP 4 ER, 6 H, 11 k, 3 bb, hb)5-4. DK k's, jhonny hbp, alex groundout to first, inge groundout to third.  5-4 to the 9th and valverde...
2 walks in the midst of 3 outs, no runs thank God! 5-4, and a 2-1 game lead!!!


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