Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ahhh.....breathe, ..........

and now, finally, I can whole-heartedly engage myself in conversation and thought involving our beloved Red Wings, Lions, Pistons.
The Tigers' 2011 season has ended, tantalizingly lengthy as it was, and now I can move on. I will keep up on the rest of the the playoffs, as well as the off season moves and talks-of-moves, but, for a time, there will be no more looking forward. No more the daily anticipation of how  the starting pitching will do tonight, who's gonna be the batting hero, who's gonna be the goat everyone curses and wants traded on 97.1 and in the 'blogs. No more texts from my brother telling me how he likes Doug, no  more visits to that grand park downtown with its smell of polish dogs and almonds roasting. No more will i cut the grass, water the flowers, veggies, and herbs, install kitchen cabinets, retrieve a yard-sale refrigerator, and entertain the Nielson people for hours, knowing that, at the end of the day, there will be Dan Dickerson and Jim Price,  right after "The Jim Leeland Show". No more will dinner time be determined by game-time, no more will my moods be determined by a the outcome of a game. (Well, that probably won't change much, it'll just be different types of games :-).
So, as i sit on my bed and type, with the NFL Sunday Ticket in full effect, I am able to segue into a new season, a new time of year. And listen to how God is helping me during this transitional phase:
MSU and Michigan (in that order:-)are on top in the Legends Division, Ohio State is on the bottom of the Leaders Division!
Our beloved Lions are tied for first in the NFC North with the Packers and have won their first five games, including a Monday night victory over the Bears last week.
The Wings have started their season well also, on top of the Central Division, 4-0 with 8 points.

Other thoughts...
  • One thing I don't like about watching NFL games is the long delays for reviews. Absolutely iwas a shitty addition to the game. Let the refs make the calls, they do a fine job. If you just have to let the video be part of the picture, let some morons watch all the film they want so they can find which refs are missing calls more consistently. Fine them or remove them based on the evidence, but LET THE PLAYERS PLAY!
  • The Spartan's success has really helped me with my end-of-the-year baseball withdrawals. The only smudge to their season so far was the loss to Notre Dame (who lost to Michigan just the previous week). Great victory over Michigan yestreday...probably my best birthday present so far!!

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