Saturday, October 29, 2011

1981, in sports

Penn State came into the Big 10.
Super Bowl XV, Raiders over Eagles
MLB 49 day strike in June and July, Dodgers beat Yankees in WS
NCAA BBall -Indiana over North Carolina
NBA Celtics over Rockets
Islanders beat North Stars for Stanley's Cup
Navratilova, King, McEnroe, Borg, Evert, Austin were winning tennis' Majors
Kite, Watson, and Nelson were winning golf Majors
Tigers starters most nights: Parrish, Hebner, Whitaker, Trammel, Brookens, Kemp, Cowens, Gibson, and DH John Wockenfus; pitching were Morris, Petry, Wilcox, Schatzader; Saucier and Lopez in the bullpen.
Gibby finished third in the AL in batting, Morris first in wins.
AND, ... the manager of the AAA Evansville Triplets: Jim Leyland.

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