Monday, June 20, 2011


Sweetie was off yestreday so we had an early Dragon Court breakfast and then off to Home Depot for paint and pricing cabinets and sinks. Painted interior walls and ceiilings, patched some walls...
Up early this morning for a Hamburg Coney breakfast (where the food is fast, hot , and good) then back home to await the Nielson people (shhh....). Chemire, Dave, and the heavily-scented woman made sure we were ok. Then back to Home Depot from a gallon of the celing paint to replace the gallon I spilled yestreday. Then to Lowes to price cabinets.
We also picked out a white enamal sink and coll ass faucett.that wil match our copper backsplaceh material. Ate White Castle snack between box-store visits.

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