Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Day Home Wednesday

Ate breakfast with my sweetie at Hamburg Coney (where the food is fast and good) then kissed her off to work. Hot hot hot...ordered cable (Charter) and began the Master Bedroom Breaker project. Began also the Slider Screen project and finished it, praise God! Cleaned out the shed also.
It stayed cooler in side than out doors until evening when it got up to 92 inside except our bedroom was cool with the little window air unit (-8. We hung a sheet in the doorway to keep the cool in, cooked brats; sweety got home about Tiger-time and we talked in the cool of the bedroom til the game ended (finally, ... lost to Texas )-8) Slept well in the air next to my sweetie.
Up at 6 the next day and off again to breakfast at Hamburg Coney (where the food is hot and fast) and then to Wards to continue the Master Bedroom Breaker project. Back again and we can order a replacement, thank you, Jesus!!! Cable guy has come and gone so now we'll be ablt to tune in to Mario and Rod, both of whom have sons recently drafted by the Tigers.

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