Friday, June 10, 2011


Got the cable and Neilson interview yestreday. After that we explored the far off country of Ikea for what seemed like ever, but we got good ideas and almost made an impulsive buy for the kitchen. Had a balanced Ikea meal and then home to Mario and Rod and the Hi Def Tigers. JV was again stellar (leads majors in quality starts) and Avila and Boesch provided the pop. Had some salad before bed (and, of course, tons of chips) and my leg seems to be doing better.
This morning we had breakfast at Hamburg Coney (where the food is fast and hot) and sent her off to work with a list in my hand! To Kroger first then built a slocook pot roast. Si and me are on the deck listening to Nivana and life is good,. Will come up with lots destraction to avoid going under the trailer, but this is my fate.And sure my fate will be the same as mine.
Cool, cool breezy night (glorious sleep). Been getting up at 6:00 sharp, the birds have long been up, Si is ready by then to go out. She's quite now, enjoying the wood decking like I enjoy a baby-boomer era sealy posturpedic with a couple of comforters and my feather pillow.
Boy I am spoiled.

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