Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday after yestreday's watching the fireworks with my bride
"did the beam", apinted it (used tape) and will wait til tomorrow to see if it needs another coat. spectacular

Me and the Missus rode out to Menards and found lots of fun things:..before that we picked out cabinets from the Home Depot in Brighton. Sweetie changed her mind again but these are 20% off the clearance so we're excited.
60" island, 35" sink, 2" cabinets, 18" cabinet next to the stove, and our lazy susanne for the corner. Also, the all-in-one sink for $174  more doing, that's the power of the Home Depot.
Feeling weird lateley, but i can get back on my water pills to take the swelling out of my leg/ankle/foot. Ate alot to-day but i'm humgry at 10:45 hmmm....

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