Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Consistant licks

One of my seniors said something to-day deemed worth of writing on the board with quotes around it...in the context of the conversation it was quite funny; the two words together arent' normally associated and as the title above it carries no meaning whatsoever. I cant remember them now (we were talking about how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop) but I told him i was gonna use them for the title of to-day's episode...

Warm again to-day and spent a little time on the deck in the sun. Seems the sun is going down quicker than it was say, a month ago... must be a northern lattitude thing. Big eye exam after work and even with the fashionable shades provided free of charge upon checkout, I couldn't see a thing...i got the drops almost four hours ago and everything's still blurry. No problems or change in prescription, praise God!

I've only been up here a couple days and i really miss my girlfriend. So, to occupy my time, I get to read little reports entitled "All About Me" that I have the middle school kids write on the first day of school. No editing whatsoever, here's an example:

This Sumer I went erase I got my 360 and a ipod tush. and I got a Jod To IT is good som wert. And I got bust in To. I loke To go Dirt Bike and cut would. And I like To Play foot Ball. Sener and gird.

Yep. Sener and gird.

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