Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day work day...

OK, so the classroom isn't all that ready for 136 kids to come through, but i've got tomorrow morning, right? Organized some stuff, threw out some stuff, arranged some other stuff, cleaned the tables, made room for 35 kids in my biggest class, got a couple of worksheets photocopied, put in a purchase order for eight algebra books... ... ... the coffee will be hot and quite welcome in the morning i can tell you. Nice day out, i heard. 82 here when i got home at about 5:00. Did a little bit of paperwork on the deck and since then the temp has dropped ten degrees.

Comfortable sleeping weather yes it is. Supposed to be nice into midweek. I love you, Petunia.

The sudoku bug has left me i think...they're not all that so much fun to do anymore...maybe cuz i end up with a 2 right next to a 2 so often and have to either check the answers in the back of the book (just like the algebra kids) or violently scratch it out and start another one. Watched King Kong on TCM to-day while i was working...more screams than dialogue...check it out and tell me i'm lyin...and the movie guy who wanted to bring Kong back to the states was like a caricature of 1930's voices in movies: talked fast (between doomed soul's screams) and used all the cliches of the era. Good picture. "it was Beauty that killed the Beast". remember it?

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