Monday, September 14, 2009

4:11 ante meridian, in the morning, as in early. Coffee is tastin pretty good and my mind is beginning to function. Woke up with low blood sugar and ate like two bites of a banana. Bananas are great food, but they contain alot of sugar. So I waited about ten minutes and tested again and it was already 20 miligrams per decilitre of blood higher. Waited another 15 minutes and it hadn't gone up much anymore but now i know how much a banana can affect blood glucose levels.
This coffee is real good.
1st Hour: Pre-Algebra - Collect the written summaries from Friday. Do a few examples from a worksheet and assign the rest as homework.
2nd Hour: MS Fundamentals - Go over order of operations practice. A few logic exercises to-day would be most welcome.
3rd Hour: Stats - Pass back homework; average rate of change, stemplots and double stemplots.
4th Hour: PreCalc - dunno yet
Lunch - eat
5th Hour: Advanced Algebra - Collect the homework and talk more about functions.
6th Hour: Algebra - Correct the homework, let the darlings practice their graphing.
7th Hour: Geometry - Points and lines in Euclidean geometry...yes!
This coffee is great.

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