Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yestreday slept in a little with my sweetie but ahd a 9:00 apt. in W. Bloomfield. After to walmart in Milford (nice) for charcoal and topsoil. Put plants in the triangle by the water and messed with the dock a bit. Moni worked 4-8 and I summed a bit and grilled dogs and burgers. Wings and Tigers both at 8 but Championship game for Wings so I devoted time to them. Outplayed, sloppy; Pens looked good and won 2-1. Tigers won in 10 7-6 on a Miggy homer but he's limping.
Comfortable morning, grabbed a paper and I made french toast. Listening to the wealth of motor city radio opinion.
Thank You, Father, for a new day.

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